Session with Mom!

My mom has recently been publishing a lot of articles and most of the time they want a nice picture to go with it. So I offered to help her out. Since her articles are mostly aimed at Chinese people, she decided to go with a traditional dress she loves and had tailor made for her China. I really enjoyed how the colors turned out with the blue pattern and the greenery. And I have to say the setting sun really gave a beautiful warm glow. Hope you enjoy!

Night Light

I’ve always been pretty straightforward with my photography but lately, I’ve been inspired to do some more experimental stuff. A fun thing I’ve always wanted to try is to mess with shutter speed and light. So a couple friends and I decided to write with sparklers and I just loved the results! Not only do the photos look really cool, we all had so much fun doing it because you have no idea how it will turn out as you’re doing it so we were all like little kids screaming when we saw the final shots! Hope you’ll enjoy and maybe even try it out yourself 🙂


My name! Next time I’ll try to get the y and g a little clearer 🙂

The shutter speed on this was too short so the full name was cut out but I thought the result was still beautiful and unexpected.

This was done with my two friends going nuts. I love the messiness of it!

Museum of Glass

In Washington, we got to visit the Museum of Glass. Glassblowing is a huge thing in the here since it’s actually the birthplace of Chihuly! So there are a ton of his sculptures all over the state…it’s pretty fun to keep an eye out for them in everything from train stations to finance buildings. The museum itself even had a Chihuly bridge, pictured below. I love that they look like giant rock candy!

The top of the museum is really cool– it’s this silver and gold cone structure covered in a striking diamond pattern. You can kind of see it in the bottom right of the bridge picture but here are some better pictures.

Inside, there are some incredible exhibits. The best part, though, was the huge glassblowing studio where they are constantly working. They usually invite a visiting artist who works with the studio to create works of art (the guy in the white shirt in this case). It’s an awesome opportunity to watch the process go from imagination to reality. I was pretty amazed by how, although the workers are handling fire and heavy machinery, they also have to be extremely delicate and subtle in shaping and handling the glass. If you’re interested, you can watch the studio working live online.

If you can see in the pic on the left, there’s this cool overhead area to hang out and get shots.

A funny side note, though, is that the museum does this program where they ask kids to draw a character and they actually make it into a glass sculpture for them. Sometimes kids really think of the strangest things…like Bacon Boy!

Grilling in Olympia

Just a couple of weeks ago, I went with two wonderful friends from college to visit Olympia and Seattle in Washington. You’ll see quite a few of my pictures from the trip over the next few posts.

We had the pleasure of staying at the most lovely home in Olympia, with a little raised deck area in the front and a pretty garden all around. In general, I was really surprised by how perfect and well-kept all of the gardens in the neighborhood were. I comforted myself by saying that if I had that much rain and mild temperatures all year round I would easily have just as a nice of a garden myself ;).

One of the days there, we were treated to a tasty and fresh dinner right off the grill. We even popped some champagne to celebrate our trip! While we were hanging outside waiting for the food to cook, I got to take some of these pics.

The foxgloves growing by the house

Hazy sunset

Right across the way from our house is this really strange wall of plants. I think it’s in the weird no-man’s land between houses so whatever grows there is basically untamed. Usually it doesn’t look like anything special but when the sun sets, it can hit at just the right place where it basically gives that spot this wonderful glow! I was lucky enough to catch it with my camera at the right time.

Hi there

Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I’m still working on some things but I really wanted to get started sharing. I’m currently wrapping up a summer class I’m taking so I  figured now was the best time to get ramped up on getting this thing started and processing a bunch of photos.

So, I hope you’ll definitely come back and visit, maybe even bookmark my page 😉 To start you off, here’s a picture I took on a road trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway.